10 Things I didn’t know I could HATE until after becoming a parent

Parenting isn’t easy and it can get VERY messy . Who knew you could learn to hate even the most ordinary items? Here are my TOP 10 hated items list. Can you relate to any? If so, comment below and share your own hated items.










1.) Play dough-aka the never ending colorful clumps from Hell.  I used to think play dough was pretty neat. You could sculpt dinosaurs or if you lack the artistic abilities (like me) at least make basics shapes like circles or squares. Fun and relaxing, right? Well, it’s great until it dries up into dagger-like pieces that pierce your skin and are close to impossible to wipe away.  New play dough is always on the shopping list. You can find it in the evil supplies aisle at your local store.







2.) Bubbles-which are located along the same pathway to Hell as the item above. Bubbles are magical unless you’re walking somewhere with your toddler and they want some too. Having them at home isn’t much better. You may think they’re a great way to keep the kids entertained and I suppose they are but in the process they transform the floor into a skating ring and possible crime scene. Use with caution.







3.) Balloons-aka magnet for all the dust and stray hairs on the floor. Every store has them, so good luck trying to avoid them. They’re usually pretty cheap and if you manage to make it home without the balloon flying away-get ready to see all the dirt, you didn’t realize you had, on that balloon which your kid will be undoubtedly be hugging. Lots of fun! Oh, and if you have pets (like I do and which will be mentioned in my next point) have fun ensuring that the balloon lives long enough to pick up every stray hair,which come to think about it, is GREAT (minus the crying baby).







4.) My dog-OK maybe I don’t HATE him. But, I want to sucker-punch him when he wakes the baby up or breaks one of her toys causing me to scour the night away looking for a replacement. Before you call ASPCA on me, hold your horses! I said want to-which means I don’t actually do it-ever! I love him, even if he annoys the heck out of me at times. What’s worse than spending an hour or more getting your kid to sleep? You guessed it! Having your dog bark and dealing with a cranky and very sleepy baby. Grrrrrr







5.) Annoying Kid Apps-If only I could go back to the time when my daughter didn’t know about the Hello Kitty paint your nails app or the Caillou Doctor Check-up. But alas, it is too late and now God forbid I miss a spot on Hello Kitty’s nail. Who knew Hell was so digital?







6.) You-tube Ads-Your child screaming for 30 seconds feels like 30 minutes so with that stated, WHY do videos take so long to load but long  commercials that you can’t skip through buffer almost instantly? And, to add insult to injury, the ad finishes playing and your video still is buffering.







7.) Books with no plot or purpose-Just because they’re little doesn’t mean they won’t notice or care if you’re talking about one character and then jump to something completely unrelated and pointless. Given, a lot of children books rhyme and don’t have an in-depth plot BUT some books should have a warning on them-that’s all I’m saying.







8.) Puzzle Pieces-Isn’t it great when you finally complete a puzzle? Such a great sense of satisfaction, unless you’re missing a piece and let’s be honest here-most times-you’re missing a piece. It’s kind of like going to your classes, taking all your tests and  then being told, “Diploma?! No way, but hopefully you enjoyed the process!”






9.) You-tube shows- So apparently, the latest trend are a string of videos that feature people (which unusually high-pitched voices) opening up surprise toys that have hundreds and hundreds of potential figures and collections. Most times I pray the video will suffice and I can distract her into not actually wanting one.







10.)Time-This encompasses everything from How long it takes the f@&*&^*water to boil to  also the inevitable passing of time that has already changed my baby into a toddler and soon into a child and soon after into a teenager and finally into an adult. The same Time that will cause me to one day look through old photographs of my screaming toddler and say, “I remember that and oh, how I miss it!”




Hope you enjoyed the list. Please comment below and let me know if any of your own hated items appeared on the list. If not, be sure to share your own below!



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  1. Dani says:

    I am not a parent but the play – doh thing drove me nuts even as a kid. Loved play doh but hated when it dried up or if other kids mixed the colors.

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