Who, What, Where and Why…

In other words, Why this page was started and the origins of it all…

I bet you weren’t sure what you would see when you visited this page. With a name like, “The Quiet Scream,”  you might have been thinking you’d be in for some paranormal activity. Sorry to disappoint. (no, not really but I hope you decide to stick around anyhow)


You see, I’ve been thinking about opening this page for a while now. So, it seems only natural that I would create it during a busy Monday morning at work, in between clients in a sort of almost “spontaneous” and quick fashion. That’s how I like to do things because otherwise, I find that I procrastinate and save for tomorrow what could have been done today. And in doing this, I sometimes find that there’s still room for improvement but at least it’s out there. I kind of relate it to when someone calls you saying they are in the vicinity by your house and they are stopping by for a quick visit. You’ve been meaning to clean up for a while now but haven’t gotten around to it. One quick glance around confirms, you could be on that show about hoarders. You panic. There’s something about that adrenaline that kicks in though. It’s magical!  Like supernatural magical (there you go, some paranormal activity). It enables you to clean up enough in those 5 minutes to make you look “messy” but not “hoarderish.” (I know that’s not a word, but you get the point) What I’m trying to say is, that even though those impromptu visits are stressful, they’re helpful (scratch that, they’re necessary) because otherwise, you’d be sleeping with the roaches.


So back to the origin of this page and the name. The NAME!  Names are so important. One of the hardest tasks a new parent faces early on is deciding on a name for their unborn child. This name will forever identify their bundle of joy(unless they decide to change it after years of ridicule. Gee, thanks mom). The name had to be short, catchy and have meaning. What’s better than just 1 meaning? The correct answer is 2, but of course. This naturally led me to oxymorons which I will define as, “a clever set of exact opposites which are supposed to represent two opposite sides of the spectrum but somehow also reflect the great GRAY in between.” (Not to be confused with 50 shades)


So there you go, “The Quiet Scream” came into existence. Like any other parent looking at their newborn child, I too looked at my page, and started to think, “Maybe I should have gone with Butterfly Chronicles.” But it’s too late now, just like Samantha will never be Linda, this page will always be what it is. With that being said, I hope you enjoy it.


P.S. I know I haven’t really delved into what the content will be just yet. In all honesty, I’m figuring it out as I go along. I don’t want to nail myself down to a rigid outline but I do know I plan to share experiences, stories, poems that deal with a variety of topics but will most likely have a common theme: Transformation and perseverance through hard times. Oh, and UFOS. (Aha! That was just a quick test to see if you were paying attention. So all that was said, minus of course the UFOS)


See you around!

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